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Vision Book 2021

The Power is in the Pause

What is Vision Book 2021?

This is an example a cover for a vision book

Vision Book 2021 is a year long program that will help you:

  1. Get clear on your vision for 2021.
  2. Explore ways to reach your goals through creativity. 
  3. Get the support that you need to stay on track, so that you get to reach your goals.

Who is it for ?

Vision Book 2021 is a program for you, who wants to set goals in a different way by drawing upon your creativity and intuition and wish to unleash your “inner artist”.

Please note: You do NOT need to consider yourself an artist, or be creatively talented to join this programme.

As long as you can hold a pen to paper, you are good to go.

How does it work ?

Vision Book 2021 is a year long ongoing program that you can join anytime you like.

You can choose to join online, or in person in my studio (in Denmark).

To make this work consistant, we will be using a template taught to me by Shiloh Sophia McCloud.

However, Vision Book 2021 is HIGHLY INDIVIDUAL work and no vision 2021 will long the same for any participants.

Below you will see an example from my own work, the cover of my vision book for 2019.


You will be guided and inspired to make your own unique vision book for 2021.

Why is this a year long program ?

Although the idea of “Vision Book 2021” seems simple and it can be, the “Vision 2021 book still is deep, personal and transformative work.

Yes! You can absolutely do some version of your Vision 2021 book on a weekend workshop, but I do highly recommend that you take all the time that you need, to go into the deep inquiries that goes with this class.

You will be given a journal for the Vision Book 2021 program once you sign up.

(I’ve been doing the Vision Book process since 2014 and I still use up to 3 months to get the final pieces of puzzles together and keep I also keep my Vision 2021 book a “constant work in progress” for the remain of the year.)

What is the cost?

The costs of joining the Vision 2021 program is EURO 97 upfront upon registration.

Hereafter, the cost is EURO 47/months.

You will be covering the costs of your own materials but this doesn’t need to be expensive, you will receive a suggested list of materials upon registration. 

Although it is highly recommended that you stay on the program for at least a year, there is no obligation to stay, if you don’t want to.

What you get?

Upon registration you will get:

  1. The Vision Book 2021 template + journal.
  2. Access to the introduction video + instructions.
  3. One 60 minutes live coaching call / you may show up at my studio (in Denmark), if you prefer, or if you are an AirBnB guest of mine.

After registration you will get:

  1. One monthly zoom call with live coaching and instruction.
  2. Access to the Vision Book 2021 online group.
  3. Unlimited e-mail support from me. 

Please note that depending on demand, I may take 1 – 3 days to respond to your emails as I believe we all benefit greatly from some level of digital detox but I will get back to you!


Please click here to to sign up for the program, so that I know you are onboard.

Then simply:

  1. Click here to pay your initial registration fee of EURO 97.
  2. Look in your inbox for your introduction package: Instructions, template + journal.
  3. Await the link to follow program on a monthly basis, if you wish to.