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The Power is in the Pause

If you would like to purchase essential oils, you can buy high quality doTERRA essential oils through me.

You have 3 options:

  1. Buy directly from the shop.
  2. Become a wellness advocate and earn commission.
  3. Become retail customer and save 25%.

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Why doTERRA?

Based upon 28 years experience with essential oils, both as trader serving the holistic health care practitioners industry, and as a passionate every day user of essential oils, I’ve chosen DoTERRA essential oils


  1. High level of super quality oils (as a former trader of essential oils, believe me, I know the difference).
  2. High ethical standard (only fair trade).
  3. The many advantages that doTERRA provide for you as a customer.

For you information, I didn’t just become a doTERRA wellness advocate because it is becoming increasingly popular, I have a long history with essential oils and definitely choose my distributors with care.

One of the reasons that I choose doTERRA, versus doing my own brand, as I used to is because I can spread my love of aromatherapy so much more easy within a large organization such as doTERRA that has already done the tremendous amount of work that it takes to distribute essential oils with high ethical standard.

Why me?

If you choose to trade doTERRA through me, you get:

  1. Easy to follow instructions on how to use essential oils, including safety.
  2. Delightful recipes that will uplift your spirit and boost your immune system.
  3. My best practices of app. 28 years of experience with essential oils.

About me

My knowledge and expertise with the aromatherapy field goes back to 1993.

In the period of 1995 – 2000 I was trading essential oils under my own brand micAroma and thereby gained an in depth knowledge of the properties of each of the many different essential oils.

I’m also an experienced workshop leader and the published author of “Lær at forstå og praktisere aromaterapi” (1999) sold out by the publishing house but available at the Danish libraries.