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Remind Café

The Power is in the Pause

Remind Café is a place to meet likeminded people, be creative, have fun and be part of a community.

Remind Café is also a place for you to take a break from the daily hamster wheel, as part of a mini-retreat, so that you get to remind yourself about who you really are.

No art experience is needed.

You get to explore how to use creativity as a tool for personal growth and transformation in a super friendly and safe environment. 

During our time together we will witness and uplift each other through inquiries, creative exercises, and sharing.

You will be given instructions on how to create simple and fun creative stuff that you can use as part of your personal development process.

Examples of exercises: 

  • Create your own set of deck cards.
  • Storyboard, storybooks, and collages.
  • Reflection Rituals, including modern diary techniques.

We will be using materials such as watercolor, ink, paper, as well as a journal.

Depending on the need of the participants, we will be covering various topics, for example how to:

  • Create a new story for your life. 
  • Establish a supportive mindset.
  • Set doable, powerful goals.