ReMind & ReTreat is a philosophy & concept – a way of living

This is for you who are looking for simplicity and sustainability in your life.

You may want a break from the high pace of your everyday life, so that you get to rewire your batteries, or you could simply want a ReMind & ReTreat session.

In either case, the result is that you get to be ReMinded of who you are!

The ReMind & ReTreat concept offers you my own best practices of almost two decades as a coach, as well as my work as an Intentional Creativity Teacher.

You get to choose from a combination of workshops, mini-retreats and 1:1 ReMind & ReTreat sessions in my studio, or online.

The story behind the ReMind & ReTreat hosting

In 2016 I was looking for a way to support myself while being in the  creative process of getting my signature work, “The ON TRACK Method & Map completed and online. I had honestly ran out of cash.

The surprising answer came to me in the form AirBnB hosting.

I thought to myself, “What have I got to loss?

I will give it a try and if I don’t like it, I will stop”.

As it turned out, becoming an AirBnB hostess became a blessing in disguise – a decision that really has influenced my life in a very positive direction.

Being a hostess in my own home has allowed me to share my work with people from all over the world and to witness so many interesting stories. Often told over breakfast, or in my art studio. 

As a working artist, I began to invite those of my guest who were interested to do small ReMind & ReTreat sessions in my art studio.

It all happened quite organically and I learned so very much from each of my guests.

What I learned from being an AirBnB hostess

Many of my guests arrived at my door step feeling exhausted from the stress of everyday life. They were looking to find simplicity & peace.

By magic – and okay + perhaps a little bit of homebaked bread over breakfast – I got to watch overe and overe again, how after just 2 nights my guests got to  relax and feel good again.

So happened? How did my guest get the spark back in their eyes, a big smile on their faces and their shoulder down? 

There isn’t a big secret to it. Really. It is actually very simple. 

What I have found to be key to revitalizing is these 2 – 3 factors:

  • A peaceful environment + home cooked breakfast + conversations
  • Being witnessed without judgement
  • Creativity and self expressing in the form of journaling & drawing

When you combine 1 – 3,  I found that my guests all of a sudden were ReMinded of who they really are!

Do you feel that the ReMind & ReTreat concept speaks to you?

Please drop me a note and let me know what you would like, I offer:

The ReMind & ReTreat Concept

  • ReMind & ReTreat (1 person, up to 3 nights)
  • ReMind & ReTreat sessions (journaling & drawing in my studio, or online)
  • ReMind & ReTreat workshops per request


Looking forward to welcome you and get to know your story!


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