ReMind Session

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and feel confused in today’s world of information overload.

So many bright ideas swirling around in your head. Not knowing where to begin.

Quite often the result ends up being that we get to feel stuck. We then procrastinate over our big goals, which leads to – you know, just like yesterday – nothing.

One of the fastest ways to get out of overwhelm and create a breakthrough so that you get to move forward that I know of, is to use your innate creativity. 


What the ReMind Session will provide for you:

  • Clarity and focus, so that you know what habits and patterns need to change for you to experience personal fulfilment
  • The ReMind drawing technique. You get to experience how you can use your innate creativity as a tool to experience a real breakthrough, so that you get to reach your goals
  • The ON TRACK Map, so that you will no longer feel confused but have a roadmap which will show you what next step to take

The ReMind Session is 60 minutes long and the cost is EURO 100,-

You can book your ReMind session with me once you have booked your stay, simply let me know that you want to book a ReMind session when you get the AirBnB confirmation from me.

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You are also welcome to send me an email at

Who is the ReMind Sessions for?

  • It is well suited for you, who is on vacation but want to play with your creativity as a way to establish new goals
  • It is equally well suited for you who may have a dream that has been stuck
  • It is a must that you feel open to try something new

Examples of what the ReMind drawing technique helps solve

  • Confusion and overwhelm
  • Indecisiveness, you know you want changes in your life but you don’t know what to do next in
  • Lack of self-confidence

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Do I need to be creativity talented to benefit from a ReMind Session?

No. You definitely don’t need to be creatively talented to learn how to use  the ReMind drawing technique til reach your goals. It is not about pretty, or perfect.

On the contrary the ReMind drawing technique will help bypass the analytical part of your thinking and thereby give you access to your more intuitive knowledge.

Your intuitive knowledge will help you move forward on your project.

About the ReMind Session

The ReMind drawing technique is greatly inspired by my work as a Certified Intentional Creativity teacher, as taught by one of my amazing mentors, Shiloh Sophia McCloud the US.

The ReMind Session concept developed for me quite organically, as I began to invite those of my AirBnB guests who were interested into my art studie. 

I soon realized how these simple techniques seems to have an almost miraculous effect on my guests.

Some guests would report that they got to experience great breakthroughs, even after years of feeling stuck.

Others would report that by doing the ReMind drawing technique, they actually got to feel ReMinded of who they really were, as it can be easy to loose sense of selves in today’s busy world.

In each case, I witnessed the transformation that took place. I watched how the spark got back into their eyes, shining, and with big smiles on their faces.

In many cases the verbal expression was such as:

“Ah, it feels so great, I am really surprised by the result, I forgot I had it in me.”

I find that in today’s busy world it can be all too easy for us all to forget who we really are and what we really want.

In other words. You will get to experience the ReMind drawing technique not only as a great tool for professional, as well as personal success but you will also get to experience it as a tool for the transformation that you seek.