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Creative writing

The Power is in the Pause

Creative writing session

Who is it for?

This is for you who would like to do some a creative writing session in addition to your stay.

Depending on your preferences, you could choose to work on an existing project, or start up a brand new (please see below).

NO writing experience is needed.

What’s possible?

You get to: 

  1. Start on creative (art) journaling.
  2. Outline your first book – this is for you who want to become a published author.
  3. Get feedback on your writings.


The cost of a creative session is EURO 100 to be paid upon arrival of your stay for a session of approximately 1,5 hrs.

The cost of your creative session does not include your accommodation. 

Click here to learn the cost of accommodation.

The booking of your stay is through AirBnB, I am an AirBnB super hostess of 5 years 🙂

About your instructor

I’ve been an avid journal journal writer ever since I could hold pen and paper to my hand.

Since then I am the published author of 4 books.

My experience ranges from traditional publishing to self-publishing and I can guide you on on the pros and cons on both. 

I also hold a journalism degree from the Danish School of Journalism.