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Creative drawing

The Power is in the Pause

Creative drawing session

Who is it for?

This is for you who is longing to release the creative power within you.

Please note, you do NOT need to be an artist, or talented in any way.

As long as you can hold a pen in your hand and put it to paper, you will be just fine.

What’s possible?

  • Creative art journaling – add doodles, drawings and images to your journal. 
  • Meta Cognitive drawing – especially designed to help unleash creative blocks.
  • Simple illustration – do your own illustrations with the use of stick figures etc.


The cost of a creative session is EURO 100 to be paid upon arrival of your stay for a session of approximately 1, 5 hrs.

The cost of your creative session does not include your accommodation. 

Click here to learn the cost of accommodation.

The booking of your stay is through AirBnB, I am an AirBnB super hostess of 5 years 🙂

About your instructor

Like many of you, I always felt creative but until resent years, I never really had the gut to call myself an artist.

Today I believe we can all be artists if we want to. Being an artist doesn’t have to take talent, all it takes is that you practice. 

Having said that I am a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher since 2016, trained by Shiloh Sophia McCloud Lewis.

(Intentional Creativity = Deliberate mindfulness with brushes.)

Although I was trained to use the canvas for media, within resent years, I have taken a preference to simple illustrations and water colorings.

I mainly use my work to illustrate my own blog posts etc.