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Happiness & Hope for the Japanese Youth

The Power is in the Pause

Today I want to share with you a super fun story of how being an airbnb hostess can turn into a wonderful collaboration 🤩

Last summer clinical psychologist Sumire Sato arrived at my doorstep and knocked on the door.

She had read that the Danish people are the happiest people in the world and wanted to learn more.

Soon we got talking, every morning, while sipping our tea and having breakfast at the deck in my garden.

We exchanged many ideas and found that we have a lot in common, as we are both into personal development.

Long story short, before @yanchadera Sumire left to go back to Denmark, I introduced her to the ON TRACK Map – my signature work for personal development and planning.

Sumire immediately liked it very much and today she teaches the ON TRACK Map to Japanese university students.

Sumire has also translated the ON TRACK Map journal into Japanese and together we have created the Happiness & Hope for Japanese Youth project.

You can read the full story at here.

This is also access where you get access the buy “Happiness & Hope for the Japanese Youth” journal.