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The Power is In the Pause

GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK - simply unplug, or join me for a creative workshop. Enjoy Scandinavian Hygge!


This blog is all about how to use your creativity to connect back to who you are and what makes you happy!

What Makes Your Heart Tick?

So happy to offer ReMind drawing sessions at my home studio! Last week I hosted Gyeomy from Seoul, Korea. Gyeomy got to capture her best memories from her travels!

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Art Journaling

Meet Emily from Oakland California. Emily was here last week and surprised herself by getting started on art journaling, even though she had not done it in years. Feeling intimidated?[…]

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Unplug and release your creativity

Surprise yourself

Drawing is a great way to unplug. You may be in for a great surprise when you see what shows up for you, as you let your mind slip away into doodles and drawings.


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