Mørdrupvej 99B, DK 3060 Espergærde
+ 45 29 82 63 96


Give Yourself a Break! 

Relax nearby the ocean and forest in the beautiful small small town Espergærde
Homemade, organical breakfast included.

Close to LOUISIANA, the highly acclaimed Modern Museum of Art

Artjournaling sessions + customized aromatic blends available.


Art Journaling & Aroma Therapy

Art journaling and aromatherapy are both great ways to unplug!

At Remind Retreat optional workshops are available upon request. Michala is a certified Intentional Creativity Teacher and holds 28 yrs. of experience within the aromatherapy field, her speciality is to customize blends that will increase your wellbeing and flow. GET STARTED NOW


Remind Retreat is all about taking a break! Get inspired by the simple, holistic lifestyle …


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Happiness & Hope for the Japanese Youth

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