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Retreats & Aromatic Wellbeing

Creative Workshops  

Give Yourself a Break! 


Join me for Remind Café on Monday evenings from 7 pm - 9.30 pm, or book a 1:1 session.

Or perhaps you prefer to simply book a mini retreat and hang out for a day or two.

Creative workshop, artjournaling sessions + aromatherapeutic blends available to guests.


This blog is all about how to use your creativity to connect back to who you are and what makes you happy + how to enhance your quality of life with aromatherapy!

Aromatic Wellbeing

Truly delighted to bring in doTERRA essential oils for you to enjoy! Need an energetic boost and to balance your wellbeing? Please join me for an aromatic session. Click here[…]

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Remind Cafe

Come join me for an evening of creativity and connection. Remind Café is opening its doors Monday evenings (even weeks) from 19:00 pm – 21.30 pm. No drawing experience needed.[…]

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What Makes Your Heart Tick?

So happy to offer ReMind drawing sessions at my home studio! Last week I hosted Gyeomy from Seoul, Korea. Gyeomy got to capture her best memories from her travels!

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Unplug and release your creativity

Surprise yourself

Drawing is a great way to unplug. If you want to dip your toes in the water and experience what it is like to unleash your creativity and draw (no art experience is needed), you are most welcome to join me in my studio for Remind Café.

You could also choose one of my workshops, or simply join me for a Remind Retreat, which is a chance for you to simply relax, recharge your batteries + hang out and breathe in some nice, fresh ocean air at the local Espergærde beach and enjoy the friendly small town atmosphere. Aromatherapy service available. GET STARTED NOW